The caterer database is split into two databases:

  • Contract caterers
  • Event caterers

Contract Caterers

The contract caterer database is held under the multi-site operator database. We do not include any sites managed by the contract caterers.

Count 1 April 2022 - contract caterer

Total contacts (all with contact names and job titles) 2,546
Unique companies 181
Total unique emails 2,398
Total unique websites 179

To access company level details of the contract caterer database, please take out a no obligation 14 day trial at and click on multi-site operator. 
The no obligation 14 day trial will allow you to look at 100 operators. Subscribers to RPBi Openings can download bespoke multi-site operator sets, but triallists cannot.


Event Caterers 

Count 1 April 2022 - event caterer

Total contacts 8,380
Unique companies 6,610
Total unique emails 4,695
Total unique websites 3,791
Total Facebooks 726

To detailed counts for event caterers, please click here.

For further information, please click here to email the team, or call 020 88749429.