The following criteria is used to categorise a licensed establishment as a bar:

  • Name - where "bar" is included in the company name or promotional material
  • The brand owner defines the site as a bar

The bar sector includes

  • Nightclubs
  • Casino's
  • Lapdancing clubs
  • "Named" bars in hotels or venues (note not in social or sporting clubs)

The data can be selected by 

  • Privately owned
  • Managed (chain)
  • Tenanted / leasehold

Where a multi-site operator managing or owning the bar is known, it is included.

Where a bar is called for example "Bar & Restaurant, or Bar & Grill, or Bar & Kitchen or Cafe & Bar", these records would be sector coded restaurant, unless otherwise stated by the owner or management team.

Counts 1 April 2022

Total contacts 9,536
Unique sites 8,694
Total unique emails 5,608
Total unique websites 5,120
Total unique facebooks 4,162

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