Data work

Subject to NDA's we can help clients update and augment their existing databases and identify records they do not hold. 

Identifying new records

This is done in three stages:

A. Sorting client data to format the way the data is held by RP Databases.
For this we charge £40 / hour + vat and the cost depends on the quality of the database and volume of records supplied. It is very difficult to quote for an overall figure, but we can put a cap on spend and revisit.

B. Matching data on multiple criteria
For example company name and postcode, address 1 and postcode, email, website, telephone. The team uses access to match data and this can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for complicated multiple matches. We charge £25 / + vat for one match and then £40 + vat / hour. Note, once the matching is done, we may need to sort the data again.

C. Identifying new data to purchase
We would inform you how many records are new to your database. The data purchase rate card applies (all databases), but we do offer a 20% discount where we have carried out data work.

Augmenting existing records

Points A&B above apply and then dependent on what data fields are required, we charge a rate per field.
This varies from 20p + vat up to 50p + vat for multiple fields. Again we offer a 20% discount where we have carried out the data work.