Email rate card (all sectors including group head office)

Please note we do not sell or rent our email lists. We send out your email campaign, using our broadcast platform to the email data selected by you.

Number of delivered emails Cost per email + vat Maximum cost
1 - 10,000 3.0p £300 + vat
10,001 - 20,000 2.8p £560 + vat
20,001 - 40,000 2.6p £1,040 + vat
40,001 - 60,000 2.4p £1,440 + vat
60,001 - 80,000 2.2p £1,760 + vat
80,001 - 100,000 2.0p £2,000 + vat 
100,001 - 120,000 1.8p £2,160 + vat
120,001 + please contact us  

The rate card is based on the volume of emails sent in a calendar month.
For example, four weekly campaigns of 12,000 emails in one calendar month, totalling 48,000 emails, would be charged at 2.4p per email + vat, not 2.8p per email + vat.

Bounce back emails

Emails that are not delivered (bounce back) are not charged. This is as per the reporting on the broadcast platform we use -  dotMailer.

Custom From Address £150 + vat

The custom from address is the email address that we will use to send your email campaigns. The domain part of the address cannot be the same as your current domain. 

Email Template Design

Email template design from £40/hour + vat, but no charge if the template is supplied by you and is dotMailer compatible.