We hold records for approx 40,000 pubs and pubs with accommodation in the UK. This figure does not include bars or clubs.

Each pub is classified as managed, tenanted/leasehold or independently owned. With the evolving nature of the current pub market these are subject to change.

The majority of tenanted and managed pubs, have the pubco and multiple that own / run them attached to the record.

We do not code "free of tie" for the tenanted/leasehold pubs.

For the 6,000 pubs with accommodation (letting rooms), each pub has the number of rooms listed.

The majority of pubs have either a website or facebook listed.

From a GDPR perspective, where a pub lists a "private email" on their website or facebook page or another source, we code this so they can be identified, although they can be emailed as they are regarded as B2B emails.