Bars and late night venues

RP Databases Ltd use the following criteria to categorise a licensed establishment as a bar:

  • Name - where "bar" is included in the name
  • Licensing regulations and opening hours
  • Brand
  • Holding company defining establishment as a bar
  • Wet-led

Late night venues include night clubs, casino's and lapdancing clubs

Bars and late night venues are coded privately owned, managed and tenanted/leasehold. The majority of managed and tenanted bars will have the bar group that owns the site listed.

We focus on the site details, not the contact details of the personnel within the bar. 

Where a bar is called for example "Bar & Restaurant, or Bar & Grill, or Bar & Kitchen or Cafe & Bar", these records would be sector coded restaurant, unless otherwise stated by the owner or management team.

The vast majority of bars and late night venues have a website and / or facebook link