About the database

Database fields

Our hospitality database is specific to the Channel Islands, England, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. 

Our hospitality site database does not include association, supplier, educational, government, media or overseas contacts. These are all held separately.

Our data is all B2B and GDPR compliant. 


Sourcing new data/updating database

All our data is sourced organically. No data is ever purchased from list brokers and we never sell our data to list brokers. 

The database has been built up over 10 years, but to keep on top of the constant changes,  RP Databases Ltd source new data from a variety of channels. These include:

  • www.rpbi-openings.co.uk which list over 5,000 new openings every year
  • Trade magazines and directories
  • Internet directories, online magazines and e-newsletters
  • Partnerships with suppliers
  • Partnerships with pubco's, restaurant and hotel groups
  • Partnerships with associations and trade bodies
  • Processing email replies and returns from direct mail campaigns we carry out
  • Telephone updating


Database maintenance

RP Databases Ltd use the following methods to maintain the accuracy of the database:

Post Office matching:
The database is regularly run through the Post Office’s postcode matching system. This produces a list of records that do not match the details held by the Post Office. These “unclassified” records are then cross-checked for inaccuracies.

Telephone Preference Service (TPS / MPS)
The database is regularly cross checked against the TPS list. No data set is relased to a client without this check taking place.

Postal returns:
After direct mail campaigns, we ask clients to send us the postal returns they have received. On receipt we credit or refund the equivalent £ amount. 

Telephone campaigns
After every telephone campaign, clients send us errors in telephone details and on receipt we credit or refund the euqivalnet £ amount.

Email returns:
The reporting system on the braodcast platform we use www.dotmailer.co.uk identifies all emails that have bounced back (not been delivered). These bounce back emails are then cross-checked for inaccuracies.

Email updates
We action regular email campaigns to update the details we hold, by merging details into the body of the email.


Data Protection

All email campaigns carried out by RP Databases Ltd abide by the GDPR regulations that came into force on 25 May 2018. 

All the email addresses held are trade email addresses or refer to a commercial outlet.

RP Databases Ltd will not send out an email campaign where the following are not included:

  • Unsubscribe facility
  • Contact name
  • Full contact details
  • A message appropriate to the recipient - "legitmate interest"

The email broadcast platform used by RP Databases Ltd, www.dotmailer.co.uk, maintain a national register of email addresses that do not wish to receive external correspondence.

RP Databases Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. For more information please visit www.ico.gov.uk

RP Databases Ltd will not send out an email campaign without written confirmation from the client all previous unsubscribes from nay campaign they have carried out have been matched against the email data held by RP Databases ltd

Database integrity

All the postal data we supply is strictly controlled and mousetraps/seeds are embedded within the data to guard against unauthorised use.

All email campaigns are run through an email broadcast platform. RP Databases Ltd use www.dotmailer.co.uk to send their email campaigns